Dr Wayne Daley

Wayne Daley is a researcher at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). His lab focuses on building prototype systems for automations in the food industry. In his lab tour, he walks through the different equipment in the room and explains what it does. There are prototyping machines, robotic machines, and many of the actual prototypes in this large lab. Wayne gives some details about one of the projects he is currently working on with middle school students in Barrow County involving deboning poultry with a mechanized cone system. The cone used to debone the poultry has to work very efficiently so that there is a minimum amount of meat left on the bones. The lab is in the developmental and experimental stage of this product, testing out whether it is ready to go into manufacture and production and then distribution to clients. Wayne has recently used his analysis of the cones to help students learn more about statistics and scatter plotting.

Wayne Daley

Website: http://www.foodtech.gatech.edu/research_areas.html

Lab Tour: http://play.media.gatech.edu/s/ d2d.gatech.edu/www/57e19650- a96d-5b12-bcd3-823ceab193b6