Program Overview

“Direct-to-Discovery provides an opportunity for students to understand the relevance of some of the science, the technology, the mathematics, and the subjects that they are studying.”

— Georgia Tech President Dr. Bud Peterson

The Direct to Discovery program at Georgia Tech (D2D@GT) is designed to address several important K-12 education issues, including the lack of digital content tied to curricular standards, teachers teaching out-of-field, outdated textbooks, and economic pressures that reduce the possibilities for out-of-the-classroom experiential learning.

In 2005, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) partnered with the Barrow County School (BCS) system to initiate Direct-to-Discovery. GT and BCS initially collaborated on a relatively small number of interactive virtual field trips to Georgia Tech laboratories, but as the project team began introducing the concept to a greater number researchers, the enthusiasm and demand for a more content-driven experience grew. Several researchers, acting as early-adopters, have formed rewarding partnerships with BCS teachers and their students.

The D2D@GT project team has now moved beyond the early adopter phase and is taking the next step toward systematically applying this innovative model in multiple K-12 STEAM subject areas at several grade levels and in multiple school systems. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to participate, please use the Contact Us link above to to let us know your level of interest. We’ll get back to you promptly.