Galactic Tick Day is September 29th

We don’t often think of our sun and solar system moving through space but our sun resides on an outer arm of our galaxy which rotates at a constant rate. Galactic Tick Day is a new calendar event that acknowledges our Sun’s motion in space and our progress around our home galaxy – the Milky Way. A “galactic tick” represents one arc second of our galaxy’s rotation and occurs once very 1.7361 years. The first Galactic Tick Day is recognized as having occurred on October 2, 1608. This is the date on which Hans Lippershey, a German-born citizen of the Netherlands, filed the first patent for a refracting telescope.

And you thought that you were standing still!

Galileo’s Birthday

February 15th is the birth date of Galileo Galilei. If you have a clear sky tonight, take a pair of binoculars or telescope outside and see how many of Jupiter’s moons you can count.